All vehicles that we rent or lease require a refundable security deposit at inception, to cover incidental charges that may be incurred during the rental or lease term.












All vehicles that we rent or lease include a limited number of miles to use per month. You may pre purchase additional miles as per your usage at the onset of your rental or lease at a substantial discount.

Monthly rates are discounted in proportion to the number of months you rent or lease.

Incidental charges that you may incur during your rental or lease are:

1) additional miles charge for miles driven above the allotted miles included.

2) Damage to rental or leased vehicle incurred during your rental or lease.

3) Vehicle delivery or pick up charges for vehicles delivered to you or not returned to our location at 24321 Pennsylvania ave, Lomita, CA. 90717

4) Gas or electricity charges for vehicles returned with less gas or electrical charge than when they were received.

5) Toll charges and fines, as well as traffic and moving violations.

6) All payments (tolls and fines etc.) made on your behalf will incur service and administrative fees.

These incidental charges must be paid in full on a monthly basis, as and when they are incurred, during your rental or lease term.


The usage of our rental or leased vehicles are limited to normal everyday use and any usage that departs from this norm will be a violation of your rental or lease and will result in immediate termination of your agreement. The below mentioned uses are strictly prohibited:

1) Track use.

2) Usage outside the United States of America.

3) Driving to Mexico is strictly prohibited.


All our vehicles are equipped with security devices for your and our protection.

We will be responsible to provide you with a well mantained vehicle at the onset of your rental and to ensure it stays well maintained during and after your rental or lease.

You are responsible for:

1) Maintaining auto insurance on the rented or leased vehicle during the full term of the rental or lease.

2) Keeping your account in good standing. (Paying in full your dues monthly)

3) Making the car available to us to perform routine maintenance on a timely manner.

4) Bringing to our attention any alerts or service warnings that arise in a timely manner.




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