2017 Ferrari 488 GTB

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Rent to Own

No Haggle Cash Price

Per Month Rent to Own


Interior: Black
Exterior: White

Vehicle Info

Mileage: 49,485
MSRP: $292,049


3.8L TwinTurbo 8-Cyl
Autotomatic - RWD

Fuel Economy

15 City/ 22 Highway
Capacity: 20.6 Gallons

Dealer Info

Stock # : 166

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Why Rent to Own?

Maximize the value of your payments by choosing Fair Deal Auto Leasing’s Rent to Own program. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste – experience the joy of driving your dream car without the immediate commitment of a purchase. Our Rent to Own option allows you to enjoy the vehicle of your choice while making your payments count towards ownership. Seize the opportunity to drive the car you’ve always wanted, turning each payment into a step closer to making it truly yours. Explore our diverse inventory today and discover how you can turn your payments into a wise investment with Fair Deal Auto Leasing’s Rent to Own program. Don’t settle; let your payments work for you.

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Rent to own

Welcome to Fair Deal Auto Leasing, where dreams become reality with our Rent to Own program featuring the exhilarating 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB. Immerse yourself in the world of Italian craftsmanship, unparalleled performance, and timeless design as you take the driver’s seat of this automotive masterpiece.

Unparalleled Performance: The 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB is a symphony of power and precision. With its twin-turbocharged V8 engine, lightning-fast acceleration, and razor-sharp handling, every drive is a thrilling experience. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you command the road in this embodiment of automotive excellence.

Sleek and Aerodynamic Design: Make a bold statement on the streets with the Ferrari 488 GTB’s sleek and aerodynamic design. The aggressive lines, signature Ferrari curves, and iconic styling create a visual masterpiece. This prancing horse is not just a car; it’s a work of art that commands attention wherever it goes.

Luxurious Interior: Step into the cockpit of the Ferrari 488 GTB, and you’ll be greeted by a luxurious interior that blends comfort with performance. The handcrafted details, premium materials, and cutting-edge technology create an ambiance that reflects the sophistication synonymous with the Ferrari brand.

Rent to Own Prestige: Fair Deal Auto Leasing is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to make the 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB your own through our exclusive Rent to Own program. Revel in the prestige of driving a Ferrari without a long-term commitment, and explore the possibility of ownership at the end of the rental term. This unique option allows you to experience the extraordinary driving performance while maintaining flexibility.

Transparent and Customized Terms: Our Rent to Own program comes with transparent and customized terms, ensuring a clear understanding of the process. We believe in fair deals and transparent pricing, allowing you to embark on your Ferrari journey with confidence.

How to Begin Your Ferrari Experience: Ready to experience the unparalleled thrill of the Ferrari 488 GTB and explore the possibility of making it yours? Contact our knowledgeable team to discuss the Rent to Own program, check availability, and create a personalized plan that aligns with your aspirations.

Turn your dream of driving a Ferrari into a reality with Fair Deal Auto Leasing. Contact us today, and let the extraordinary journey begin. Fair deals, exceptional cars – that’s our commitment to you.

3.9L Twin Turbo Mid Mounted V8 Engine

661 Horsepower at 8,000rpm

7 Speed F1 Dual Clutch Transmission

Alluminum Body Shell and Chassis

Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Manettino Steering Wheel

Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitor

Instrument Cluster with 2 TFT Screens

Rear Parking Sensors


Apple CarPlay

AFS System

Yellow Brake Calipers

Electric Seats

Suspension Lifter

Horse Stitched on Headrests

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with LED Lights

Scuderia Shields on Fenders

Power Folding Mirrors

Front and Rear Parking Cameras

Navigation System

Leather Interior

Park Distance Control front and rear

Ferrari 488 GTB Lease Options

Fair Deal Auto Leasing stands out in the automotive industry by providing a diverse range of special lease options, catering to various preferences and needs of their customers. Whether you're looking for a long-term commitment or a more flexible arrangement, Fair Deal Auto Leasing has you covered. Additionally, they go the extra mile by offering short-term rentals, allowing customers to experience a vehicle on a temporary basis without committing to a lengthy lease. This versatility in leasing options demonstrates their commitment to providing solutions tailored to individual requirements, making the car leasing experience more accessible and accommodating for a diverse clientele.